Targets are objects generated by FormCreator submission. If a form requires validation, the targets are delayed until approbation.


Targets are currently tickets only.

A target ticket defines the ticket generated by the form. You may have several targets per form.

Open the tab Destination and create a target with a name and a type (currently ticket only).

Ticket target

A ticket target generates a ticket.


The ticket is build from scratch or from a ticket template available in GLPI. You may * customize the title and description of the ticket, using questions and and answers, * set a due date, * set the urgency from a question, * choose the entity of the ticket among many policies, * assign tags to the ticket if the plugin Tags is available, * define actors of the ticket.


Setting an urgency from a question overrides the urgency defined in a ticket template (if any)


Setting a category from a question overrides the category defined in a ticket template (if any)

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