Adding new features

You are a developer ?

You can help us adding new features by forking the GitHub repository.

Develop the new feature on your branch and then, ask for a pull request to merge your development into the repository.

You can also help us debug the declared issues and requested features.

You are not a developer ?

You can submit your ideas of new feature by creating an issue or adding comment on an existing issue (to add explanations or just to say «I’m also interested»).

See also the roadmap

Help us debug

If you are a developer and want to code the fix yourself, just read the paragraph bellow…

But if you are not a developer or don’t want to develop fixes yourself, you can still help us by creating issues. Indicate your GLPI and plugin’s version and steps to reproduce for a faster and easier fix.


You can fork the documentation repository to add new contents or fix some issues in existing content.

Make your changes on your branch and then, ask for a pull request) to merge it into the repository.


If you want Formcreator to be available in your native language and have a little time, you can help us:

Join us on Transifex.

Current available languages : Czech (Czech Republic), English (United Kingdom) , French (France), German (Germany), Hungarian (Hungary), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian (Romania), Russian (Russia), Spanish (Argentina), Turkish (Turkey)

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