Requirements for latest version

This plugin requires :

  • PHP 7.2 or higher

  • GLPI >= 9.4


This plugin allows you to declare and follow (by entity) the consumptions of different credit vouchers directly from the Ticket form.

To do it, you must follow these steps:

  • Creation of different types of credit vouchers (as GLPI dropdown);

  • Creation, in Entity tab, of the credit vouchers available for these entities;

  • Declaration / Modification / Deletion of a consumption in the Ticket form and tab;

  • Consultation of the vouchers sold, the remaining credits, credits consumptions from the Ticket form or from Entity tab.


The plugin will create required tables in the database automatically. Those tables will be updated along with the plugin.

Plugin usage is quite simple:

You will access the credit configuration from the Administration > Entities.

  • Name : add name to credit

  • Type : Define a type

  • Start / End date : Define duration of credit

  • Active : Display credit on ticket form or not

  • Quantity : quantity spend

  • Allow overconsumption : allow or not over consumptin (if yes, check is bypass)

Credit consumption

When you solved a ticket, solution form have field to to consume credit


Credit report

On the ticket form, click on the Credit tab to view a report on credit consumption


Creative Commons License