Service catalog

The service catalog is a replacement for the GLPI’s simplified interface.

It is enabled on a per entity basis and exists in two flavors

  • simplified

  • extended

To enable it, edit an entity, open the Forms tab and set the field Helpdesk mode to Service catalog simplified or Service catalog extended. This setting handles inheritance from parent entity to children entities.

Users using the simplified interface will benefit a new interface allowing them to:

  • browse forms and FAQ with the unified interface

  • follow the process of their requests

  • book assets

  • view their feeds

Users using the extended interface have a more complete view on their requests.

Forms with Direct access on homepage enabled will appear in the interface. Users may search by browsing the categories on the left of the screen, and may also search for forms with a natural language search engine.

By default FAQ items in the Knowledge Base also show with forms. The only prerequisite is to associate form categories to knowledge base categories (in Setup > Dropdowns : Forms > Form categories).

It is possible th have a distinct display of FAQ in Administration > Entities > Forms. When Distinct menu entry is selected the service catalog shows a new menu entry on the left. FAQ are browsable by category and key words.


All entity settings for Formcreator propagate to sub entities by default. The administrator may change the settings in a sub entities to break inheritance.


The service catalog shows several counters on the top left corner. Those counters show all requests involving the current user as a author, requester, observer, assigned or validator.

The requests displayed here are

  • tickets created without Formcreator

  • tickets generated by forms havung only one target tickets

  • form answers when the form has no target ticket

  • form answers when the form has several target tickets

The request are spread over 4 counters

  • processing

  • pending

  • to validate

  • closed


New requests are not included in the counters.

RSS feeds

When users are allowed to view RSS feds, the service catalog shows a menu entry on the left to access them. RSS feeds administration is done in GLPI as usual.


Users may book an asset with GLPI’s reservation system, avaialble in the left menu of the service catalog.

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