Oauth IMAP


This plugin supports Oauth connection for emails receivers.

Supported mail services:

Install the Plugin

Plugin is available inside GLPI marketplace.

You can also install it manually:

  • Uncompress the archive.

  • Move the oauthimap directory to the <GLPI_ROOT>/plugins directory.

  • Navigate to the Setup > Plugins page.

  • Install and activate the plugin.

Configure your Oauth IMAP application

To be able to connect to a mailbox using Oauth authentication, you first need to configure your Oauth IMAP application:

  • Register an external application on service provider management console;

  • Create an item in Setup > Oauth IMAP applications using id and secret of your provider application;

  • Copy callback url from the Oauth IMAP application configuration and fill it in the provider console (GLPI will be called back after authentication process).


Create an authorization

Once your Oauth IMAP application created, you will need to create an authorization that will be used to authenticate on your mailbox. To do so, go in the Oauth authorization tab of your Oauth IMAP application, and click on Create an authorization.


You can create an authorization for each of the mailboxes you want to use in mail receivers. When you create an authorization for a mailbox, previously existing authorizations for this mailbox are discarded.

Configure your mail receiver

To authenticate via Oauth on your mail receiver, you have to change the configuration of your mail receiver:

  • choose your Oauth IMAP application in the first dropdown of Connection options;

  • then choose an existing authorization in the Login dropdown or select Create authorization for another user.


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