Requirements for latest version

This plugin requires :

  • PHP 7.2 or higher

  • GLPI >= 9.4

  • FusionInventory plugin for GLPI

  • SCCM >= 1802

  • PHP curl_init and sqlsrv_connect

  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

  • Microsoft Drivers for PHP for Microsoft SQL Server


This plugin is available without a GLPI-Network subscription. It is not available in Cloud


Plugin to synchronize computers from SCCM (version 1802) to GLPI (version 9.3 and 9.4). It uses the «FusionInventory for GLPI» plugin and the power of its internal engine.


  • This plugin add two automatic actions : «SCCMCollect» et «SCCMPush»

  • The automatic action «SCCMCollect» queries the SCCM server with MsSQL queries.

  • This same action builds an XML foreach computer (in FusionInventory format).

  • The automatic action «SCCMPush» injects XML files into GLPI over HTTP(s) (via cURL and FusionInventory) to display computer in GLPI.

Schematic diagram


Collected data

Depending on data availability in the SCCM server, foreach computer we collect:

  • Computer: name, last connected user, UUID, user login, domain, comments, serial

  • Operating system: name, architecture, version, service pack

  • BIOS information: tag, model, type, manufacturer, serial, install date, version

  • CPU: description (or name), manufacturer, frequency, type (arch), nb core, nb threads

  • Softwares: name, version, editor, install date

  • Memory (RAM): capacity, decription, frequency, type, bus, serial

  • Graphical card: name, chipset, memory

  • Sound card: name, manufacturer

  • Network card: name, MAC address, IP address (v4, v6)

  • Disk part: name, mount type, total size

Automatic actions



Action to collect data from SCCM to XML files.


Action to push XML file to FusionInventory plugin

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