Requirements for latest version

This plugin requires :

  • PHP 7.2 or higher
  • GLPI >= 9.4


  • Add tags on every GLPI item type (which extends CommonDBTM)
  • Add tags on FusionInventory Task (plugin fusioninventory)
  • Add tags on Appliance (plugin appliance)
  • Manage tag from labels
  • Tags are displayed and editable in the object form header (just below title)
  • You can search for tags and display them in objects lists
  • You can display a report from associated objects in administration

Install the Plugin

  • Uncompress the archive.
  • Move the tag directory to the <GLPI_ROOT>/plugins directory
  • Navigate to the Configuration > Plugins page,
  • Install and activate the plugin.


The plugin will create required tables in the database automatically. Those tables will be updated along with the plugin.

Plugin usage is quite simple:

  • Create tag

You will access the create form from the Setup > Plugins > tag.

Define name, color, sub-entities visibility and associated itemtype

  • Use tag

On associated itemtype, you can add tag previously created

  • Search items by tag

You can easily find items with tag

  • Get all items associated to tag

Go to tag form, clic on tab «Associated items»


Creative Commons License