Requirements for latest version

This plugin requires :

  • PHP 7.2 or higher
  • GLPI >= 9.4


This plugin allows you to browse through your inventory via a tree view in a panel located on the left side of the screen.

You can browse the tree of your site to see the equipment.

Install the Plugin

  • Uncompress the archive.
  • Move the tag directory to the <GLPI_ROOT>/plugins directory
  • Navigate to the Configuration > Plugins page,
  • Install and activate the plugin.


The plugin will create required tables in the database automatically. Those tables will be updated along with the plugin.

Plugin configuration is quite simple:

You will access the create form from the Setup > Plugins > treeview.

  • Target for all node : on clic on node, redirect to new window
  • Nodes can be highlighted : highlight selcted node or not
  • Tree is drawn with lines : display or not
  • Tree is drawn with icons : Display or not icon for node
  • Only one node within a parent can be expanded at the same time : more tthan one parent node can be expand at same time
  • Item name : name or inventory number or name + inventory number or inventory number + name
  • Location name : short name or long name or long name + comment or long name + comment

Creative Commons License