Register your application in Entra

First, register your application with your Entra Active Directory (Entra AD) client. This will provide you with an application ID for your application and allow it to receive tokens.

  • Connect to the Entra portal

  • Choose your Entra AD tenant by selecting your account in the top right corner of the page. Then select the Change directory navigation bar, then the desired tenant

  • Skip this step if you only have one Entra AD tenant under your account or if you have already selected one

change tenant
  • In the Entra Portal, search for and select Entra Active Directory

  • From the left-hand Active Directory menu

  • select Application Registrations

  • Then New Registration.

add new app
  • Enter web in the redirect URI and paste the return URL of your GLPI instance:

register app
copy callback

Secret and certificate

  • In the certificates and secrets tab, create a new secret that will need to be transferred to your Oauth SSO application on the GLPI side:

add new secret


When you click on add, the secret will only be available once. As soon as you leave this page, the secret will be hidden and we will no longer be able to access it. Remember to store it in a safe place as we will need it later

copy value



If you are using SSO V2, an additional step is required. The claims on the Entra side must be entered manually and should preferably be of type ID.

  • In the Token configuration tab

  • Click on Add an optional claim

  • Add the 4 claims below:

add token

API authorisations

GLPI must be able to read user information in order to use it for connection - In API permissions - Click on the API already present (Microsoft Graph for our example)

API authorisations
add API

Select :

  • email

  • offline_access

  • profile

  • user.read

  • Then remember to save your changes.

Setup GLPI

  • Entra AD provides a description with the essential information you need:

overview app
  • Specify an application name visible to end users.

setup GLPI

Copy the values from the fields above:

  • Application ID

  • The holder ID

  • The value of the secret copied in the previous step


Please check that the value of the secret is filled in correctly.If the ID of the secret is copied, your application will fall into error.

Explanation of ID field

  • 3 values are available in this insert:

choose ID field
  1. User Principal Name (UPN): this option will show the full username of the user logging in (nom.prenom@mondomaine.com for example). If you want only the username to be visible (without the @mondomaine.com, see the XXXXXXXXXX paragraph).

  2. Entra user ID (OID): this option takes the object ID from the Entra AD. This ID will be used for the user login

what is objet ID
  1. Email address: This option specifies the user’s email address. This field will be used for the login. If it is empty, the UPN will be used.

If you need to find your application in the Entra portal, select Application subscriptions, then Display all applications.

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