Creating a project

  • From your Google console (administrator access is required)

  • Go to your organisation then new project

  • Enter the name of your project

  • Click on Create

    add project
  • Return to your organisation,

  • Select your project

    select the project

Setup Oauth access

  • From the menu, click on APIs & Services

  • Then OAuth consent screen

    add API
  • Select the type of access that will be granted to the application (internal or external users)

  • Then click on Create.

    user type
  • Enter (as a minimum) a name for the application, an email address for application support and the developer’s email address (this information is compulsory).

  • Click on Save and continue.

  • In the Scope section

  • Click on Add or remove application fields

  • Add auth/ auth/userinfo.profile and openid

    update scopes
  • Click on Update

  • Then Save and continue

ID settings

  • From the Credentials menu

  • Click on Create credentials

  • Then Oauth client ID.

    add credentials
  • Select the type of application Web application

  • Enter an application name

  • In the Authorized redirect URIs section

  • Enter the GLPI Callback URL


Where can I find my callback URL?

find url callback
  • Click on Create

  • A page appears with the identifier values. Keep this information as it will be requested in GLPI.


Setup GLPI

  • From Setup > Oauth SSO applications

  • Click on Add

  • Select Google in the Oauth provider field

  • Select the icon that will be visible on the home page

  • Enter the Client ID (number 1 on the previous screenshot)

  • Enter the Client secret (numbered 2 on the previous screenshot)

  • Enter the field user ID [1]

    setup GLPI
  • Click on Add

From the home page, the new Oauth SSO login option will be visible:

home page


The first time a user logs on, they will be asked to accept access authorisations for their profile

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