Requirements for latest version

This plugin requires :

  • PHP 7.2 or higher

  • GLPI >= 9.4


This plugin allows data import into GLPI using CSV files.

It allows to create models of injection for a future re-use. It’s been created in order to:

  • Import data coming from others asset management softwares

  • Inject electronic delivery forms

Data to be imported using the plugins are:

  • Inventory data (except softwares and licenses),

  • Management data (contract, contact, supplier),

  • Configuration data (user, group, entity).

Install the Plugin

  • Uncompress the archive.

  • Move the datainjection directory to the <GLPI_ROOT>/plugins directory

  • Navigate to the Configuration > Plugins page,

  • Install and activate the plugin.


You will access the datainjetion configuration from the Tool > File injection.

Clic here to manage model


Create new model

Fist step you need te create model, for this example we import Computer

Clic here to create new model


And fill form

  • Name : define a model Name

  • Visibility : is private or not for other user

  • Entity / sub entity : model visibility for entity

  • Comments : model comment

  • Type of data : type of data to import

  • Allow lines creation : yes or not

  • Allow lines update : yes or not

  • Allow creation of dropdowns : if dropdown value not exist, let’s create It

  • Dates format : date format in CSV file

  • Allow update of existing fields : yes or not

  • Float format : float format in CSV file

  • Try to establish network connection is possible : yes or not

  • Port unicity criteria : define unicity field fir port

After model creation it’s possible to : * Define if header is present * Change file delimitor : default -> “;”

Inject your CSV file

Send to GLPI your CSV file with computer data


content of CSV file for this documentation

Desktop-ARTY;Desktop;Dell Inspiton;Samsung;567DFG45DFG
Laptop-QUER;Laptop;Dell XPS;Samsung;345UKB78DGH

Mapping CSV column and object field

For each column of your CSV file you must select the table and the corresponding field in GLPI


You need to define link field. The plugin will search on this link field to known if object need to be added or updated


The dropdown list contains other tables, which allows it to import, for example, the financial and administrative informations during computer import.

Each type of data (Computer, Monitor, User) have differents options to import other data


Additional data

You can define additional data to be imported, it will be requested during import.

Each can be flag as manatory


Validate model

After configuration you can validate model


Execute import

You will access the model from the Tool > File injection.

Select a model, select CSV file, and run import


Import result


After import process, plugin show you result, clic on spere to get more details


Creative Commons License