More satisfaction

Requirements (on-premise)

GLPI Version

Minimum PHP






A basic licence (or higher) is required. This plugin is also available on Cloud.

Install the plugin

  • Go to the marketplace. Download and install the plugin More satisfaction

install the plugin

Create a survey

  • Once installed, go to Administration > Satisfaction survey

  • Click on Add

  • Name your survey and set it as active

  • Also remember to tick the sub-entity box if you want it to be available to all child entities

  • Then click on Add

add satisfaction survey


It is only possible to create one survey per entity. If you wish to create several for different entities, remember to position yourself in the appropriate entity and do not tick the sub-entity box

sub entity

Create a question

  • Enter your survey and go to the Question tab

  • Click on Add a question

  • Select the type of question Yes/No and enter the text that suits you

  • Then click Add

create question

Create a text field

  • In the question tab, click on Add a question

  • Select the Text type

  • Enter the text to be displayed and click Add

text for question

Create a note

  • In the question tab, click on Add a question

  • select the Note type

  • You can select a score up to 10 and set a default value

  • Click on “Add” when you are happy with your settings

add note


The preview tab allows you to see what users will receive once their ticket has been closed



You can translate each of the questions asked in the questionnaire into the language of your choice

  • Go to the Translations tab

  • Choose the language you want and then, question by question, write the translation


Schedule reminders

In the event of a non-response to the survey, you can send out reminders to follow-up with the user. You can create your own reminder or select a predefined one

Customised reminder

  • Go to the Reminders tab

  • Click on Add a reminder.

  • Enter a :
    • Name

    • Type of duration (day or month)

    • The duration of the reminder

    • Activate your reminder

custom reminder

Predefined reminder

  • Go to the Reminders tab

  • Click on Add a predefined reminder

  • You will have 3 options to choose from:

predefined reminder
  • 1 week: reminder every 7 days,

  • 2 weeks: reminder every 14 days.

  • 1 month: monthly reminder.

  • Select the option that suits you and click on Add

Limit the number of reminders

  • In the Setup maximum number of days to send reminder section, enter a limit for the Maximum number of days to send a reminder

Example : If a person has not responded after 3 reminders, GLPI will no longer send reminders and the satisfaction survey will then remain unanswered

reminder example

Set up the automatic action

Survey reminders are sent via an automatic action already created by the plugin. Make sure that this is activated and set up correctly

  • Go to Setup > Automatic actions

  • Select the SatisfactionReminder action.

automatic action


If you have any questions about using the plugin, please consult our FAQ

Creative Commons License