Unread messages

Requirements (on-premise)

GLPI Version

Minimum PHP






A basic licence (or higher) is required. This plugin is also available on Cloud.

Install the plugin

  • Go to the marketplace. Download and install the plugin Unread messages.

install the plugin

Setting up the plugin

  • Go to Administration > Entities, unread messages tab

There are 3 possible settings:




The plugin will remain inactive

Per user helpdesk;share central

Users with the self-service profile will be notified of tickets for which they are the requestor. Technicians, for their part, will share the notifications. If a notification is read, it will be marked as read for all other technicians

Per user

Each user will have access to their own queue of notifications, including those for their group and their individual assignments

Display notifications


Unread messages on a ticket highlight the ticket concerned and a red indicator :

highlight on ticket

Ticket timeline

New messages will be identified by a banner New messages.


Management by entity

Management by entity is possible to manage the counting of notifications by entity.

  • Go to Administration > Entities, and select the desired entity.

  • In the Unread messages tab, select the option that suits you so that unread messages behave differently to the parent entity.

by entity


If you have any questions about using the plugin, please consult our FAQ

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