Advanced dashboards

Requirements (on-premise)

GLPI Version

Minimum PHP






A standard licence (or higher) is required. This plugin is also available from the Cloud.

Install the plugin

  • Go to the marketplace. Download and install the “Advanced dashboard” plugin.

Install the plugin

Setup the plugin


This plugin requires a minimum knowledge of SQL in order to be able to set certain criteria for the various queries that will appear in the dashboards. It is also recommended that you know the structure of GLPI tables.

Create an SQL query

The below example gives us the number of tickets on the root entity over the last 2 years:

SELECT YEAR(t.date_creation) as 'Year', count(*) as 'Volume of tickets'
FROM glpi_tickets t
JOIN glpi_entities e on t.entities_id =
WHERE e.completename LIKE "Root entity"
    AND YEAR(t.date_creation) > YEAR(CURRENT_DATE()) - 5
GROUP BY YEAR(t.date_creation)
    CONCAT('Estimated total end ', YEAR(CURRENT_DATE())),
            SELECT count(*)
            FROM glpi_tickets t4
            JOIN glpi_entities e4 on t4.entities_id =

            WHERE e4.completename LIKE "Entité racine" (root entity)
                AND YEAR(t4.date_creation) = YEAR(CURRENT_DATE()) - 1
        ) *
                SELECT count(*)
                FROM glpi_tickets t3
                JOIN glpi_entities e3 on t3.entities_id =
                WHERE e3.completename LIKE "Root entity"
                    AND YEAR(t3.date_creation) = YEAR(CURRENT_DATE())
                SELECT count(*)
                FROM glpi_tickets t2
                JOIN glpi_entities e2 on t2.entities_id =
                WHERE e2.completename LIKE "Root entity"
                    AND YEAR(t2.date_creation) = (YEAR(CURRENT_DATE()) - 1)
                    AND (
                        MONTH(t2.date_creation) < MONTH(CURRENT_DATE())
                        OR MONTH(t2.date_creation) = MONTH(CURRENT_DATE()) AND DAY(t2.date_creation) <= DAY(CURRENT_DATE())


Dashboard settings

  • From Assistance > Dashboard, select the dashboard that is to receive the new tile

  • Click on edit icon

  • Add a new tile with plus icon

  • Select the query you have just created

  • Choose a colour for your tile

more card setup
  • You will then be asked to select the chart type

  • Some dashboards may ask you to use colours and display values and labels.

label setup
  • Your tile is now ready

the card is ready


If you have any questions about using the plugin, please consult our FAQ

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